CWA 1109

Retired Members

As CWA Local 1109 Retirees Council members, we may be retired but we remain active in the life of our union. Because of the steady erosion in the retirement security of most Americans, we believe it's essential that we actively participate in the struggle to protect our benefits. Through the Retirees Council, CWA Local 1109 retirees have input into key retiree programs as they are shaped through contract negotiations and or legislation.

The Retired Members' Council works to safeguard and enhance our retirement in many ways:

  • We monitor company pension and health care policies.
  • We track national legislation affecting CWA retired members
  • We monitor federal, state and local politicians and legislation in support of our goals and interests.
  • We represent retired members' concerns and issues with CWA bargaining councils before and during contract negotiations

To get involved or to learn more, please contact:

The John Messina Retired Members Chapter #282
President Tony Volpe
(718) 444-1109

Click here to visit the National Unions Retirees Council website