CWA 1109

Are Hospitals Rolling the Dice?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not that CWA 1109 members need another reason to get rid of Mayor Bloomberg and vote for Bill Deblasio to be our next mayor, but we will give you one anyway. On Friday New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (which falls under the jurisdiction of the mayor) ended their contract with NEC to handle its communications systems in many New York City Hospitals such as Jacobi Medical, Kings County, Elmhurst, Harlem Hospital.. All the technicians who work for NEC are CWA 1109 members. In a cost cutting measure NYCHHC awarded the contract to a non-union contractor who was moderately cheaper than NEC. The problem is this contractor had no employees. In fact what they did was offer these same jobs to our CWA 1109 members. Only they would have to take a 40% pay decrease, and agree to receive no 401K or pension, pay 50% of their medical premiums, and cut their vacation and sick pay in half.  This was a laughable offer that was quickly rejected. The hospitals are now undermanned and missing the experienced technicians who have maintained the systems for the last twenty-five years. CWA 1109 is asking all members and their families to read the below flyer and make a call to the President of NYCHHC. CWA 1109 members gave out 3,000 flyers this week at Elmhurst Hospital, Jacobi Hospital, and Kings County Hospital.

Click Here to download the flyer

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